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US Route 20 Business (Bend)
US Route 20 Business (Bend)
US Route 20 Business (Bend)
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US Route 20 Business Info and Map
US-20 Business's location in Bend
Length: about 2 miles
Type: Undivided Highway
Lifespan: unknown-present
Southern Terminus: US-20/US-97 Business east of central Bend
Northern Terminus: US-20/US-97 Business near US-97 in northern Bend
Cities Served: Bend
Intersects: US-97
Multiplexes: none
Oregon Highway Name/Numbers: The Dalles-California Highway #4
Central Oregon Highway #7
US Route 20 Business Route Definition

"From the junction of East 1st Street and The Dalles-California Highway, US97 and US20, north of Bend, southerly over East 1st Street, Deschutes Place, and Wall Street in common with US97 Business, to Newport Avenue; thence easterly over Newport Avenue and Greenwood Avenue to its Junction with East 3rd Street, The Dalles-California Highway, US97 and US20, in Bend."

~ ODOT, Descriptions of US and Oregon Routes, March 2007

US Route 20 Business History

US-20 Business in Bend most likely came about as a realignment of either US-20 or OR-54 (US-20's Central and Eastern Oregon predecessor). It is likely that for the first 1½ miles of this highway was cosigned with the original alignment of US-97 when it was first created and routed through Bend in 1926. Once US-97 was rerouted through Bend onto NE 3rd St., US-20 Business was then cosigned with US-97 Business for awhile. Then, when US-97 was realigned onto the Bend Parkway, US-97 Business was realigned onto US-97's former routing along NE 3rd St., leaving US-20 Business on the route. Most maps don't even show it as a route, but ODOT's Online map of Bend still shows it, and that's enough for me.

The map to the left shows US-20 Business. It follows Division St. southward from US-20 down to its intersection with Revere Ave. and US-97. It then travels west on Revere under US-97 and then resumes southward along Hill St. before becoming Wall and Bond Sts. in central Bend. Then it heads easterly on Greenwood Ave. back under US-97 until it reunites with US-20.