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US Route 97 Business (Redmond)
US Route 97 Business (Redmond)
US Route 97 Business (Redmond)
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US Route 97 Business Info and Map
US-97 Business's location in Redmond
Length: approx. 2.97 miles
Type: Undivided Highway
Expected Creation: 2008
Northern Terminus: US-97 north of Redmond
Southern Terminus: US-97 in Redmond
Cities Served: Redmond
Intersects: OR-126
Multiplexes: none
Oregon Highway Name/Numbers: none
US Route 97 Business History

US-97 Business in Redmond is expected to exist in 2008 once US-97's realignment to the west of Redmond is fully constructed. Redmond is the latest in the line of central Oregon cities to have a new alignment build around it, the most recent being Bend and the Bend Parkway. According to the project website, the Redmond Reroute will be a parkway that has an interchange or two with right-in-right-out intersections, similar to Bend's parkway. Each of the three option maps on the Redmond corridor project site show US-97 Business along US-97's current alignment, and that's what I'm going by. I will keep you informed when a routing is defined by the Oregon Transmission Commission and/or AASHTO and it is legislatively defined.