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Oregon Route 14
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Oregon Route 14 Info and Map
OR-14's Routing from Hebo to Valley Jct.
Approximate Former Length: 24.97 miles (1932 Alignment)
Type: Undivided Highway
Lifespan: 1932-1952
Western Terminus: US-101 at Hebo
Eastern Terminus: OR-18 in Valley Jct.
Cities Served: Hebo
Intersected: none
Multiplexed with: none
Survives as:


(entire length)

Oregon Highway Name/Numbers: McMinnville-Tillamook Highway #32 (currently the Three Rivers Highway #32; when highway's name changed, OR-14 was dropped in favor of OR-22)
Oregon Route 14 History
This 1941 Shell map shows OR-14's routing
(© 1941 Gousha)

OR-14 was created at the inception of the Oregon State Route system in 1932, and was designated along 25 miles of the 49-mile-long McMinnville-Tillamook Highway #32 from Hebo to Valley Jct. (the other portion was designated as a part of OR-18). This routing was intact for 20 years, when the McMinnville-Tillamook Highway was truncated to Valley Jct., renamed the Three Rivers Highway #32, and given the designation OR-22, a highway that would end up spanning from the coast to the Cascades (it previously only ran between Willamina and Salem). The Valley Jct.-McMinnville portion was transferred to the Salmon River Highway #39, creating a contiguous OR-18; OR-14 was retired from the state route system.

Rediscovering Oregon Route 14 This map shows OR-14's former alignment

The alignment of OR-14 is still completely intact. OR-14's route lay along what is now designated OR-22 from Hebo to Valley Jct (shown in red). No other changes, from what I can tell, have been made to the road in terms of rerouting, so the original route remains...it's just redesignated.