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Oregon Route 90
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Oregon Route 90 Info and Map
OR-90's Routing from Payette Junction to the Oregon-Idaho border near Payette, ID
Length: 1.65 miles (1932 alignment)
Type: Undivided Highway
Lifespan: 1932-1958
Northern Terminus: US-30/OR-201 at Payette Junction
Southern Terminus: The Oregon-Idaho Border near Payette, ID
Cities Served: Payette, ID
Intersects: none
Multiplexes: none
Oregon Highway Name/Numbers: Old Oregon Trail #6 Payette Spur
Olds Ferry-Ontario Highway #455 Payette Spur??
Oregon Route 90 History

A 1941 Shell map segment showing OR-90When the Oregon route numbering system was put in place in 1932, OR-90 ran along a two-mile spur from the Old Oregon Trail #6 (then US-30, now OR-201) to Payette, Idaho. This route connected to Idaho State Highway 52. On December 17, 1956, the Old Oregon Trail #6 was moved onto a newer alignment west of the old highway, which became the Olds Ferry-Ontario Highway #455 (OR-201). I believe that when this happened, OR-90 was changed to OR-52 to create a contiguous route with ID-52. It definitely was changed by 1958.